Who Builds The Casino Chips?

Who Builds The Casino Chips?

Many players take them almost for granted, but without the casino chips, you could not play winbet except in a virtual way, as naturally happens in online gambling halls. The chips are apparently very simple tools: they look like colored “discs,” with at most some writing to better identify their value.

In reality, casino chips are very often small jewels produced by specialized companies and the best artisans. The most famous chip makers in the world are three:

  • The Japanese Matsui
  • The French (but bought by the Japanese) Angel
  • The Italian Abbiati

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Many casino game online gambling Malaysia enthusiasts are also fond of poker, where the chips are called chips. In this regard, we have collected the best sets of professional poker chips for you, which you can also use to make a nice Christmas gift to your friends.

Fat Cat

This set of poker chips, or chips if you prefer, boasts 500 pieces of 11.5 grams each, divided as follows:

  • 150 white chips
  • 100 blue
  • 150 red
  • 50 greens
  • 50 black

The chips have no denomination, so they are good for any type of poker game, from low stakes to high stakes.

Claysmith Gaming

The Claysmith Gaming set is also another great option. The chips are a bit heavier, 13.5 grams, and the denomination is used here, from $ 1 to $ 5,000.

The set contains 600 chips divided as follows:

  • 100 1 dollar chips
  • 100 for $ 5
  • 50 for 10 dollars
  • 100 for $ 25
  • 50 from 50 dollars
  • 100 from 100 dollar
  • 50 of 500 dollars
  • 25 for $ 1,000
  • 25 for $ 5,000

Each chip designation has its own color, so it is easily distinguishable.


The Smilejoy chips are 11.5 grams in weight, especially suitable for casual players who do not have great needs. Despite being of good quality, the set is quite small, as it contains only 200 pieces:

  • 75 whites
  • 50 reds
  • 25 blue
  • 25 greens
  • 25 black

In the case you will also find two decks of cards, five dice and the dealer button.


This 300-piece poker chip set, produced by Kovot , stands out for its excellent quality / price ratio, which makes it a Christmas gift suitable for all budgets.

Also in this case we are talking about chips weighing 11.5 grams, produced in hard plastic and not in the “clay” like material of the finest chips. However, to the touch they are particularly solid and heavy. Also excellent is the briefcase with metal closures, to ensure that the chips do not jump out during transport.